Busche Performance Group’s mission is simple:

Deliver perfect products and parts, on time, at affordable prices.

We are CNC Machining experts, armed with the industry-leading technology and techniques, supplying many customers in many industries including Automotive, Heavy Duty, Agricultural, Industrial and Refrigeration Markets.

Chassis Products

Powertrain & Commercial Products

Axle Components

Steering Knuckles, Differential Carriers, Bearing Adjusters, Companion Flanges, Tube Assemblies, Control Arms, Brackets, Spring Seats, Differential Bearing Caps, Ring Gears (Blanking Only), Pinions (Blanking Only), Side Gears (Blanking Only), Differential Cases, Spindles

Driveshaft Components

Center Yokes (Bird Cages), End Fittings (End, Half, and Full Rounds), Universal Joints (Journals), Flange Yokes, Stud Yokes, Slip Yokes, Brackets, Bedplates, Main Engine Bearing Caps, Bedplate Inserts, Hubs, Exhaust Manifolds, Brackets, Flywheels, Flywheel Spacers, Crankshafts (Lathe Turning Only), Cylinder Blocks (Cubing Operation Only), Gear Housings, Turbo Housings

Residential & Commercial

Rail Road Wheel Caps, Washing Machine Hubs, Refrigeration Compressor Components, Air Conditioning Compressor Components

Brake Components

Covers, Adapter Plates, Drums, Rotors (Lathe Turning and Drilling Only)

Steering Components

Bushing Housings, Outboard Housings, Actuator Housings

Transmission Components

Covers, Housings, Gear Blanks (Blanking Only), Shafts (Lathe Turning Only)