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In 2018, Busche completed a number of strategic steps to position the company for the next phase of its growth.  The company appointed a new senior management team, completed a recapitalization with the support of its committed shareholder group, successfully refinanced its debt and moved its headquarters to its technical center in Southfield.   Building on its strong reputation for precision engineering and exceptional service, the company is well positioned to expand its presence among its customers and partners and grow its share of the market.


In July of 2016, Busche Performance Group opened our new Sales and Technical Center in Southfield Michigan in the epicenter of the North American automotive hub of Detroit. Our technical center houses a state-of-the-art product validation lab to support our full service supplier programs as well as to support our customer partners with their testing needs. The Technical center also houses our full team of Automotive Product Engineers, Program Managers, and Sales Team.


Then late 2015 the Busche-Shipston team made the strategic acquisition of Compass Automotive with low pressure aluminum foundries in Fruitport Michigan and Franklin Indiana. These facilities are long-term suppliers of high integrity aluminum castings serving both the automotive chassis and powertrain segments. Along with this acquisition came product engineering, CAE Analysis, Magma Analysis, and casting mold design and build.

A critical acquisition was also added to the newly branded Busche Performance Group in early 2016 with the addition of 3-Point Machine in Southfield Michigan. Busche Southfield is a premier supplier of high volume automotive knuckles, control arms, hub extensions, and several other powertrain and axle components. With highly automated flexible machining systems, our Southfield facility performs at world-class levels of manufacturing and quality performance. With this acquisition Busche further strengthened our position in automotive chassis and strengthened product engineering and program management.


2014 was turning point for the Busche organization. With sales grown to $123 Million, Busche joined forces with the Shipston Group led by Michael Dingman. Dingman has led a series of highly successful ventures including Allied Signal and Fisher Scientific. He was also lead director at Ford Motor Company for many years. When Shipston and Busche teamed up to build a global platform to produce high integrity and high complexity engineered metal products it triggered a new wave of growth through both acquisition and organic growth.
In the spring of 2015, Busche announced 100 new jobs being created for newly acquired business for Honda Civic and numerous components for the Jeep Cherokee platforms. This work would need a home and a vacated 84,075 sq ft facility in Avilla, Indiana was revitalized for Busche’s continuing desire to meet and exceed our customers’ requirements.


Between 2011 and 2013 sales grew to over $120 million with continuing expansion in Indiana and in Northern Alabama. In 2012 Governor Mitch Daniels joined Nick Busche in Albion to announce the purchase of Plant 9 which would soon grow to a 60,000 sq ft facility to handle Dana’s Class 8 Truck Carriers. Also in 2012 Busche finalized negotiations with CR Compressors LLC for a 263,000 sq ft manufacturing complex located on 48 acres near Hartselle, Alabama. This put Busche in the automotive corridor of the south


In 2008 Busche strived for silver in Caterpillar’s Supplier Quality Excellence Program and was awarded this prestigious honor in December, 2008. Globally, Busche was one of only seven machining facilities in the world to be certified with a silver rating.

By the end of 2008 Busche’s shipped sales climbed to $58 Million, and with new launches secured for 2009, Busche moved forward optimistically. In December of 2009, Busche purchased Plant VIII a 68,500 square foot facility. Plant VIII was originally purchased by the Citation Organization in the mid-nineties from Nick and is now again under his leadership. Along with the rest of the manufacturing industry, late in 2009 BUSCHE experienced the downturn of the economy. However, with our robust processes, commitment to quality and delivery performance along with strong audited financials, Busche was able to attain additional work from customers with struggling suppliers. The opportunities led to an exceptional rebound in 2010 with sales exceeding $80 Million.


In 2007 Caterpillar acknowledged Busche’s contribution to ‘Team CAT’ with the presentation of Caterpillar’s MQ11005 Bronze Supplier Quality Excellence Certification. Busche was the 5th of eight companies in the world to be awarded this prestigious certification, and the first to do so on their initial attempt. Busche accomplished this success after launching $12 MM of new work, machining 13 different CAT Bearing Caps. Leading to a versatile diversification of market segments and escaping a dependency on the Automotive Industry.


In 2006 Busche successfully launched the Distribution Center for strategic marketing purposes with the purchase of a 27,500 square foot Warehousing facility. 2006 also brought a name change for ETD to Busche Workholding, and Caterpillar was added as a new direct customer.


Heading into 2004 both Divisions of Busche were badly in need of additional production space. ETD resolved this issue by adding 6,000 square feet to the current ETD facility. Busche required an even larger amount of space and plans were made to purchase and renovate a 58,500 square foot facility in Kendallville. Plant 7 would become the CNC turning facility for the entire Busche division.

By the end of 2004, employment levels were increasing and it was obvious the labor pool has thinning in the area and to hire experienced, trained operators was getting difficult and almost impossible at a competitive pay rate. The solution Busche would provide a training center for new hires with the purchase of a 3,600 square foot Tool & Die Shop in 2005. This building was transformed into the BUSCHE Educational facility. This facility would house a video training room where classes for CNC Machining Centers, CNC Lathes, Precision Measurement Instruments, would be provided. The remodeling accommodated for a stadium seating style classroom for organized learning as well as a large area for a hands on experience including equipment, such as a coordinate measuring machine, and numerous precision measurement tools.


In the summer of 2002, Busche also announced the purchase of the Receiving Warehouse at its main complex. Plant V located in the same complex was also purchased. The additional 54,135 square feet was needed to handle the new automotive business arriving from Paulstra CRC, SPX Contech and International Truck and Engine Corporation for 2002.

Nick’s entrepreneurial spirit and vision had not gone unnoticed. In July 2002, Nick was honored as a Finalist for the Ernst & Young Northern Indiana Entrepreneur of the year. As Ron Kaufman, Managing Partner for Ernst & Young stated, “Most people think ‘yesterday’, some people think ‘today’, but, as you will see entrepreneurs think ‘tomorrow’. The Albion Chamber of Commerce also recognized “Busche” in January of 2003 for its extraordinary efforts in the creation of employment opportunities in the Albion Community. Nick’s foresight and vision for tomorrow continues to bring new opportunities for Busche employees and the Albion community. Busche’s market base continued to expand now including John Deere, Caterpillar, American Showa, Delco Remy, Honeywell, Tenneco, Hayes Lemmerz, Gunite, Navistar, U.S. Mfg. and other national and international organizations. With shipped sales at $39 million for year ending 2003, Plant 6, a 59,200 square foot facility located in Albion was purchased, to meet the needs of new high volume CNC Machining Center production work.


Busche is a Quality CNC Machining organization conceived and developed by Nick A. Busche. With a strong history of machining, Nick’s first created Hi-Tech Corporation in 1989 operating out of an existing pole barn on his father’s farm just outside of Albion. This successful venture sold to Citation Corporation in 1996. After growing the company to a $7 million organization, Nick felt the need to develop a business as an entrepreneur rather than an employee. In the fall of 1997, Nick created and developed Busche Enterprise, a specialized machining operation which focused on high volume production work catering to the automotive industry. Operating out of a vacant downtown location in Albion, sales grew and additional floor space was required. In March 1999, Nick acquired 39,000 square feet of additional space with the purchase of Plant II, at 1515 S. State Road 8 east of Albion.

Realizing the significance of providing his customers with additional services, Engineered Tooling Division became a part of the Busche Organization in 1999. This merger allowed Nick to offer his customers additional services and benefits, while giving Nick a reliable source for work holding fixturing, design, tooling, gauging, and engineering assistance.

Nick anticipated doubling BUSCHE’S growth in 1999 with expected shipped sales of $5.4 million and reaching for $16.6-million-year end 2000. Working with three Divisions of Dana, Bosch Braking Systems, Tower Automotive, Cooper Standard, SPX and BASF just to name a few, required additional production space. In November of 1999, Busche Enterprise announced the purchase of Plant III a 42,900 square foot facility also in Albion. Engineered Tooling also continuing to expand their services, and purchased Plant IV consisting of 37,578 square feet. An additional 10 acres adjoining the location was purchased in 2002 with expectations of expanding this facility in the future.

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